Upcoming exhibitions

  • Beautiful Art/Proper Way  

    Sat May 19 2018 - Sun Jun 03 2018
    Billy Tjampitjinpa Kenda, Jane Mervin, Lance James

    Joyous small works by noteworthy artists Billy Tjampitjinpa Kenda, Jane Mervin and Lance James from Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists, Alice Springs whose art depicts the essence, beauty and life of Central Australia with engaging individuality.

    A social enterprise organisation, Bindi art studio supports artists with disability living in Alice Springs and surrounding regions to achieve independent and high level art careers.

    OPENING: Saturday May 19 at 2.30pm 
    To be opened by Sandra Brown, Bindi artists' services co-ordinator.RSVP May 14
    Exhibition dates: May 19-June 3

    642 Tucks Road, Shoreham, 3916
    T: + 61 3 59 898282. M: 0419 896473