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  • ReGeneration   Spring Celebration

    Sun Sep 29 2019 - Mon Nov 25 2019
    Showing, teaching, passing down...

    Celebrating spring and the season of renewal with an exhibition of new Aboriginal paintings, barks, sculptures, works on paper and ceramics from the APY Lands, the Western, Central and Eastern Deserts, Utopia, Far North Qld, Arnhem Land, the Kimberley and the Tiwi Islands illustrating the inherited rights of image making. 

    Featuring paintings and ceramics from Ernabella Arts, Australia's oldest established art centre and paintings from Papunya - inheritors of the Western Desert tradition. 

    Curator's Introduction + Opening Drinks: Sunday September 29 at 2pm
    Illustrated talkAboriginal art: the tradition evolvesSunday October 27, 2pm


    Fri Jul 12 2019 - Fri Aug 30 2019

    Rich palettes and soft hues feature in a wide ranging exhibition of Aboriginal and select contemporary Australian art from 8 regions. Including Kimberley ochres by Patrick Mung Mung and Mabel Juli; lush colour works from the APY Lands; night sky paintings by Vicki Cullinan; Utopia artists Belinda Golder, Bernadine Kemarre, Lizzie Moss Pwerle and Barbara Weir; water sites and salt lakes by Candy Nakamarra, Nora Wompi and others; atmospheric coasts by the Peninsula's Miodrag Jankovic; layered abstracts by Queenscliff artist David Beaumont and Queensland artist Claudine Marzik. Ernabella ceramics: ceremonial poles and other carvings from Arnhem Land and the Tiwi Islands and much more..


    Unique art parade presentation of 60 + works exploring the regions of Aboriginal and select contemporary Australian art with informative commentary by Susan McCulloch OAM.

    Free event but bookings essential
  • DAVID WRIGHT   Prints + Paintings

    Fri Jun 07 2019 - Tue Jun 25 2019

    David Wright is best known as one of the world's leading glass artists, yet a lesser known facet of his artistic practice is the drawings, prints and paintings on paper that have derived from frequent journeys to remote places around Australia over more than 40 years.

    Shown for the first time, this substantial body of paintings, hand coloured and black and white lino cuts capture - with insight, sensitivity and wit - both the majestic beauty and patterns of fragile existence of the flora, fauna and many differing countries of outback Australia as well as the 'crystal desert' of Antarctica.

    Saturday June 8, 2 pm:Opened by art critic, author, lecturer and artist Ronald Millar.
    Sunday June 23, 2pm:Artist's talk. Seated event

    EXHIBITION DATES: June 7-July 2, 2019


  • TOP END OCHRE   Art from nature

    Fri May 10 2019 - Tue Jun 04 2019

    The art of natural materials in more than 70 barks, carvings, paintings and works on paper from Arnhem Land's Buku Larrnggay Mulka and Maningrida Arts and the Tiwi Island's Munupi Arts and Tiwi Designs. Featuring botanical barks, larrakitj and prints by Mulkun Wirrpanda and her daughters Yalmakany and Gurrundul Marawili; ceremonial poles, bird and figure carvings, Mimihs, Yawk Yawks and other carvings by Samson Bonson, Owen Yalandja, Susan Marawarr and Thomas Munkanome; paintings by Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, Susan Wanji Wanji, Maria Josette Orsto and much more...

    Opening: Saturday May 11 | 2pm Curator's floor talk followed by opening drinks
    Exhibition dates: May 10-June 4

  • Emily Beckley Indigenous Jewellery  

    Fri Apr 12 2019 - Mon Apr 29 2019

    Solo exhibition by Torres Strait Islander artist Emily Beckley of striking metal jewellery developed in workshops with the Indigenous Jewellery Project.

    A pioneering artist Beckley has been working with the Indigenous Jewellery Project since 2018. Her work as a contemporary jeweller consists of a nuanced exploration of multi-faceted aspects of her culture and traditions.

    She is the first Torres Strait Islander contemporary jeweller to recreate the Haddon Pendants, a series of traditional bridal pendants made by her ancestors now held in the British Museum, in metals. Tellingly in this series she aims to express, as she describes, the "softer, more romantic side of Torres Strait Islander culture", whose contemporary art is famous more for its warrior depictions.

    Opening events: Saturday April 20 at 2 pm.
    In conversation with Emily Beckley and IJP curator Emily McCulloch Childs
    Followed by opening drinks

    Free event. Bookings essential
    T: 03 5989 0496

  • From Mornington Island to the Mornington Peninsula  

    Fri Apr 12 2019 - Mon Apr 29 2019
    New paintings from Mornington Island Arts FNQ

    New paintings and works on paper by leading and emerging artists of Mornington Island Arts, Qld.
    Exhibiting artists Netta Loogatha, Amy Loogatha, Amanda Jane Gabori, Dorothy Gabori, Elsie Gabori, Coralie Thompson Kukhakin, Ethel Thomas, Alvin Gavenor.

    Opening events: Saturday April 20 at 2 pm
    Exhibition opening and in conversation with Torres Strait Islander contemporary jeweller Emily Beckley and Indigenous Jewellery Project and Everywhen Artspace curator Emily McCulloch Childs.
    Followed by opening drinks

    Illustrated talk: Sunday April 28 at 2pm
    From Mornington Island to the Mornington Peninsula Susan McCulloch OAM


    Free events. Bookings essential
    T: 03 5989 0496

  • THE COLOUR PURPLE   Aboriginal women's art

    Thu Mar 07 2019 - Fri Mar 15 2019

    In celebration of International Women's Day, Alice Walker's book and the subsequent movie, the suffragette movement and all First Nations Women The Colour Purple features a wide variety of works by leading and emerging Aboriginal women artists from around Australia. As well as paintings featuring the key colour of purple (suprisingly often seen in Aboriginal art) the exhibition features works in its component colours of blue and red as well as a wide range of works in other hues and media by women artists.

    Opening drinks:
    Saturday March 9 | 2-4pm
    Opened by Kerry Armstrong, actor and author at 3pm.
    RSVP March 5.

    Illustrated talk : Sunday March 24 at 2 pm. Aboriginal women artists. 
    Susan McCulloch OAM. Free talk but bookings essential

    The development of Aboriginal women's art, exploring breakthrough initiatives in key regions that illustrate the ways in which women have risen to prominence in this field over the last 25 years.

    Exhibition Dates March 7-April 2

  • Colours of My Country   Opening Exhibition New Gallery

    Sat Jan 05 2019 - Wed Feb 20 2019

    Vibrant new Aboriginal art from 20 art centres of the Central, Western and Eastern deserts, Far North Queensland, the APY Lands, Utopia, the Pilbara, the Kimberley, Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Victoria celebrating the diverse colours, styles and countries of Aboriginal art.

    The Mornington Peninsula's specialised Aboriginal art gallery EVERYWHEN Artspace is the new exhibiting space of Susan McCulloch and Emily McCulloch Childs of Whistlewood Gallery and features acrylics, barks, ochres, works on paper and 3D from 30 + leading Aboriginal-owned art centres.

    EVERYWHEN is named in tribute to the anthropologist W.E.H Stanner who, in his 1953 essay 'The Dreaming' in describing the nature of time as it relates to the Aboriginal belief system, said 'One cannot "fix" The Dreaming in time, it was and is everywhen." *

    As well as regular changing displays of largely Aboriginal art, we present exhibitions, talks, art parades, in conversations and other events.

    EXHIBITION CURRENT: January 5-February 28

    ILLUSTRATED TALK: Sunday February 10 | 2pm
    Susan McCulloch OAM The countries of Aboriginal art
    RSVP Feb 5

    1/39 Cook Street, Flinders, Vic, 3929
    OPEN: Daily 10.30-4pm
    T: 0419 896 473

    *First published T.A. Hungerford (edAustralian Signpost, An Anthology 1956, F.W Cheshire, Melb. 1956. Republished in W.E.H Stanner,White Man Got No Dreaming: essays 1938-1973,ANU Press,1979, p.24.