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    Sat Dec 10 2016 - Sun Dec 11 2016
    WHISTLEWO0D | Art Consultancy + Private Gallery

    cushion covers, milk jugs, teapots, salad servers, mugs, tea towels, cards, Ipad & computer sleeves, ornaments, glasses cases & lens cloths, bags & back packs, scarves, jewellery, socks, wrapping paper and much more...

    Saturday December 10, 3pm
    With No Suzannahs acappella choir at 3.30pm

    Saturday December 10 & Sunday December 11
    Saturday December 17 & Sunday December 18

    WHISTLEWOOD | Art Consultancy + Private Gallery
    642 Tucks Road, Shoreham, Vic 3916
    T: 03 59 898 282. M: 0419 896473

  • INHERITANCE   showing, teaching, passing down

    Sun Oct 30 2016 - Sun Oct 23 2016
    Salt Contemporary Art

    An exhibition of new Aboriginal art from the APY Lands, the Kimberley, the Central, Western & Eastern Deserts, the Pilbara and Arnhem Land demonstrating the inherited rights of image making. Featuring works from Nintinjaku (showing, teaching, passing down)- a new intergenerational project by senior and younger artists of Ernabella Arts, proudly supported by McCulloch & McCulloch, Salt Contemporary and Country Arts SA.
    Curated by McCulloch & McCulloch

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  • Spring Salon + Art Parade  

    Sat Sep 24 2016 - Sun Oct 02 2016
    WHISTLEWOOD| Art Consultancy + Private Gallery

    An exhibition of dynamic new Aboriginal art celebrating the vibrancy of spring in paintints, ochres, barks and carvings from the Central, Western and Eastern Deserts, Utopia, the Pilbara, the APY Lands, the Kimberley, the Tiwi Islands and Arnhem Land.

    Opening with a unique Art Parade presentation of 50 + works with informative commentary on the works, artists and their regions.


  • SYNERGY | Fundraising Exhibition  

    Mon Aug 29 2016 - Fri Sep 16 2016
    Xavier College, Kew
    An exhibition & sale of paintings, barks, ochres, sculptures, ceramics and weavings by leading artists and rising stars of Aboriginal art from the Central, Western and Eastern Deserts, Utopia, the Kimberley, Arnhem Land and the Pilbara to raise funds for the Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women's Service - a national programme to support Aboriginal women and children experiencing family violence.
    Presented by McCulloch & McCulloch/Whistlewood Gallery, Shoreham, Vic in association with the Xavier Committee for Indigenous Affairs, Xavier College


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    Sat Jun 11 2016 - Mon Jun 13 2016
    WHISTLEWOOD, 642 Tucks Road, Shoreham, Vic 3916

    Vibrant colours, from the blues of sea and sky to soft yellows, greys and whites to warm reds, pinks and oranges feature in our Winter Salon exhibition over the June Queen's Birthday long weekend.

    More than 80 paintings by leading artists and rising stars from five regions will be on show. Featuring multi-hued paintings by Utopia artists including Emily Pwerle, Barbara Weir, Charmaine Pwerle, Jeannie Mills Pwerle, Selina Teece Pwerl, Caroline Petrick Ngwarreye & Natalie Holmes Pula; jewel-like landscapes and bush medicine stories by Ampilatwatja artists of the Eastern desert; glowing works by Western desert artists from Yuendumu and Papunya, brilliant new canvases by leading artists of the APY Lands and the Pilbara and striking monochromes and pastels.

    For the unique Art Parade presentation that opens the exhibition works will be grouped into themes according to colour and shown by a team of paraders while Susan McCulloch provides commentary.


  • KEEPERS OF PLACE new works from Papunya Tjupi  

    Tue May 24 2016 - Sat Jun 04 2016
    fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne,

    Presented by McCulloch & McCulloch in association with Papunya Tjupi Arts
    Inspirational paintings from the heartland of Aboriginal art

    For 45 years, the name Papunya has been synonymous with contemporary Indigenous art. However for several decades after its 1970s inception, with the advent of the homelands movement and the exodus of a number of Papunya's founding artists back to their traditional lands, painting at Papunya itself was sporadic.
    In 2005 senior artists Long Jack Phillipus and Michael Jagamara Nelson asked Professor Vivien Johnson, long time Papunya scholar, to work with them to establish an Aboriginal-owned art centre at the community.
    In 2006 Papunya Tjupi Arts, named after the important Honey Ant Hills creation site, was established. Predominant in this new school are works by women artists, many of whom are the relatives of some of the Western Desert's most famous artists.
    Now nine years into their sustained painting practice, the work of Papunya Tjupi artists has reached a new level of finesse.
    In their graphic imagery and lyrical overdotting, the paintings of Martha McDonald Napaltjarri reflect a similar quality to those of her famous father, Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi. Candy Nelson Nakamarra's intricate designs and striking colour sense are entirely her own, yet also pay homage to the early work of her father, the famed Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula whose Kalipinypa (Water Dreaming) site she paints. Younger generation artists Mary Robert Nakamarra and Charlotte Phillipus work dazzles in finely wrought fluid monochromes and intricate design. The pared down imagery of new works by Doris Bush and Tilau Nangala, the region's most senior cultural woman, show a particularly exciting new development in their use of pastel as well as paint to create works of striking graphic intensity, evocative of the ancient rock engravings of the Western Desert.
    The 26 paintings of these and six other artists in Keepers of Place: new works from Papunya Tjupi speak of an inspirational story of artistic regeneration, reminiscent of the early days of Papunya painting itself and of a tradition both utterly contemporary and entirely ancient.

    Opened by artist Isobel Major Nampitjinpa with exhibition curator Susan McCulloch.

    Curators' floor talk: Saturday 28 May 2 pm

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  • McCulloch & McCulloch @ Art Red Hill  

    Fri Apr 29 2016 - Sun May 01 2016
    Art Red Hill Red Hill Consolidated School

    McCulloch & McCulloch Aboriginal Art at Principal's Lounge, Art Red Hill.

    Glowing colours and a wide range of styles feature in Aboriginal art from around Australia in this year's Principal's Lounge at Art Red Hill.

    Curated by McCulloch & McCulloch of Shoreham's Whistlewood Gallery more than 40 paintings and ochres from around Australia will be available.

    Exhibits include classic abstract paintings by Western Desert artists, striking night sky works by artists of Yuendumu and the APY Lands, joyous 'bush medicine' paintings from the Eastern Desert, Central Australian watercolours, delightfully quirky birds, dogs and cowboy stories and brilliant colour works from the APY Lands and Utopia.

    This vibrant stand-alone display offers a great opportunity to access a wide range of exciting new Aboriginal art by rising stars and established artists from leading art centres around Australia.

    Now in its 36th year, Art Red Hill (ARH) was established by parents and members of the local Peninsula art community as a fundraiser for the Red Hill Consolidated School. Attracting thousands of visitors each year ARH showcases artists from both the local, thriving art community and from around Australia.

    Visitors can see, experience and buy hundreds of artworks across many mediums including painting & photography, incredible sculpture, stunning glass work and ceramics, and wearable art in the form of beautiful jewellery and textiles.



    Sat Mar 26 2016 - Sun Apr 03 2016

    New works by favorite artists + rising stars of Aboriginal art. With launch exhibition of The Indigenous Jewellery Project - resin, silver, bead, natural material + mixed media jewellery and small objects by artists of Ernabella Arts, APY Lands and Ikuntji Artists, Western Desert, launched by Sally Baillieu. Featuring also new paintings on canvas and walka boards, ceramics and weavings from Ernabella Arts.
    > View catalogue of The Indigenous Jewellery Project here

    >View exhibition here


    Sun Mar 06 2016 - Mon Mar 14 2016
    WHISTLEWOOD | Art Consultancy + Private Gallery

    A wide selection of contemporary Aboriginal art from around Australia. More than 100 works on display with many more in stock.


  • All About Colour   Summer Show + Art Parade

    Fri Feb 12 2016 - Sun Feb 28 2016
    SALT CONTEMPORARY ART, Queenscliff, Vic

    An exhibition of new Aboriginal art featuring the diversity of brilliant colour in the art of the Central, Western & Eastern desert, Utopia. the Pilbara & the APY Lands.

    Opening with a unique Art Parade with informative commentary on more than 80 works.

    Presented by McCulloch & McCulloch

    > View Exhibition HERE

  • Summer Salon + Art Parade  

    Sat Jan 16 2016 - Tue Jan 26 2016
    WHISTLEWOOD | 642 Tucks Road, Shoreham

    An exhibition of outstanding Aboriginal art from the Central, Western & Eastern Deserts, the APY Lands, the Kimberley, the Pilbara, Arnhem Land and the Mornington Peninsula.

    Highlights include:
    - Glowing painterly works by Martumili Artists of the Pilbara including Bugai Whyoulter, Nora Wompi, Jakayu Biljabu and others.
    - Vibrant new works by many well known artists including Barbara Weir, Emily Pwerle, Keith & Tjampawa Stevens, Tuppy Goodwin, Robert Fielding, Barbara Moore, Tjungkara Ken, Maringka Burton, Tjunkiya Napaltjarri and many more.
    - Stunning large works by Vicki Cullinan and Claude Carter
    - Paintings by rising stars Anyupa Stevens, Clarise Tunkin, Freda Brady, Tiger Yaltangki, Charmaine Pwerle and more...
    - Three luminous new paintings by Mornington Peninsula Indigenous artist Robert Kelly
    - Classic Western Desert abstracts by Papunya Tula artists