OUR fundraising exhibitions fuse art, education and, where desired, artists and arts centres involvement in fund raising initiatives for select Indigenous educational, health, art and community projects.  We create special fundraising exhibitions and donate between 10% and 25% of total sales to the partner organisation, with arts centres and artists receiving full payment for works sold. We also regularly donate and facilitate the donation of works for select environmental, art, educational, Indigenous and other initiatives

Rebuilding an Aboriginal homeland community Claude Carter 

One ongoing fundraising initiative is focused on the plight of the community established by East Kimberley artist Claude Carter - a wonderful artist we've had the privilege of representing for a number of years. This small homeland community of Bawoorrooga was established by Claude and his wife, the artist Andrea Pindan (a leading artist of  Mangkaja Arts, Fitzroy Crossing) in 2000. Excised from Bohemia Downs Station near Fitzroy Crossing, where Claude was a stockman for many years and granted to him by his elders, over the last 16 years, Claude and his family have built this  community themselves to create a safe space for their family and friends, to teach Law and Culture and share their knowledge. 

They built an Art Shed, a food garden, a native plant nursery, and a fruit orchard over their 16 years there, and use mainly solar power and a wood fire to survive. Here Claude and Andrea have looked after young men and boys who are heading down the wrong path, teaching them culture, law and strength.  His community is a fundamental part of keeping people of the East Kimberley strong and healthy. 

Destroyed by fire

Tragically,  Bawoorrooga was destroyed by fire early in the New Year of 2017. Claude and his family lost their accommodation and all of their belongings and clothes. Bawoorrooga is 500 km from Broome, and over 2000 km from Perth. Claude, Andrea and their family need much help to get back on their feet again. 

We donated a painting for sale 

In 2017 we donated a beautiful painting by Claude for sale for $4800 with all proceeds going directly to Claude for the building appeal. 
Claude’s represenative Kevin Kelly and Salt Contemporary Art with whom we've presented exhibitions of Claude's art, joined us in this
donation, each taking no percentage of this sale.

A huge thanks to our wonderful client who responded instantly to the appeal by buying the beautiful painting, and to our many other clients and friends who donated directly to the building appeal. The first fundraising drive through chuffed.org raised approximately $9500 towards the building appeal, however this was only a percentage of the cost needed to rebuild the complex and sustain the family during the long rebuilding process. 

The project is now being managed by the Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health, who is working with Claude and Andrea on the rebuild. Claude and Andrea have  designed their new home themselves and it is the first SuperAdobe (earth house) home to be built in the north of Australia. Ongoing support can be provided by donating through the GoFundMe campaign here.